Prayer Requests

This page is pretty self-explanatory – this is where I’ll have all of my prayer requests handy for those who would like to stay updated on some specific solicitations for which to intercede in prayer:

  • Provision
    • Financially, for the rest of this year and for my upcoming two years in Tepic.
    • That I would find a great job before the new New Year.
    • That I would have reliable transportation while I’m in Chicago.
    • That everything would go smoothly and better than I planned.


  • Family
    • That they would have peace in their hearts as I continue walking the path God has laid before me.
    • That there would be unity and we would be of one accord concerning the plans for these next few years.
    • Soften any hard hearts that are against God’s plans for my life.


  • Peers
    • That no one would speak ill or against God’s will for each other.
    • That there would be no dissension amongst us.
    • That we would be a group that encourages and edifies one another.


  • Personal
    • That I would be sensitive to the voice and will of my God.
    • That I would be wise about who and what I surround myself with.
    • That I would not be discouraged.
    • That I would learn to love others without developing a dependence.
    • That I would forgive those whom I have worldly reason to be bitter towards.
    • That I would develop the necessary discipline to do what needs to be done.
    • My mental and emotional health.