So what am I doing? I want to assure everyone at home that I am not going on some random vacation to Mexico for the heck of it. Ever since my youth group went out to Ecuador in 2011 (without me, unfortunately), I had been yearning for a chance to grow closer with God. It just so happens that sometime between my sophomore and junior years in high school, that desire was stirred up once again. I found myself talking about and welcoming the idea of going on a mission trip once I graduated high school, which I was able to do a whole year early.

The idea slowly graduated (pun sort of intended) into a plan that will take me out of good ole ‘Murica and inside the personally unfamiliar territory known as México.

While it is true that leaving the comfort of my home isn’t going to magically cultivate my faith, it would force me away from all the secular distractions that compete for my daily attention: movies, television, social media, and the biggest interference I struggle with – music. Many of you guys may see nothing wrong with these things, but they have been deadly pathways of spiritual deterioration in my life. It is for that reason that I eventually gave into the idea of leaving for an entire year, despite the fact that I’ll be all alone with people I don’t really know.

I want to be completely transparent with you guys – I am so, so afraid of being thrust into a country I don’t have any experience with. I’m afraid of leaving my family and friends, and giving up this last year I have to be “a kid.” But I’m much more afraid of losing out on what God has planned for my life. Of what doors I may be closing for myself if I don’t go.

If you want to know more about what I’ll be doing down there, I encourage you all to visit LaFuente’s website, since I’ll be working with his ministry, or you can visit the other pages on this site.


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